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Krita Tutorial: Sketch, Hairy, Chalk Brushes by White-Heron Krita Tutorial: Sketch, Hairy, Chalk Brushes by White-Heron
This tutorial is under a CC-0 / Public Domain license. :)

To find back other tutorials mentioned in these tutorials and more, visit Krita's resource page: [link]

My Krita tutorial series:
Big thanks to Claus for converting all these to a wiki format as well. Everybody is welcome to submit improvements, updates and translations to this wiki, so it may be more up-to-date. These tutorials were done with Krita 2.5.2 ~ 2.5.3. To my knowledge, Krita 2.6 should have a mostly similar interface.

Part 1 - Basics ( Wiki version )
- Symmetry mode, Interface, Quick overview of some brushes

Part 2 - Layers and Editing ( Wiki version )
- Layer management: alpha locking, layer mask and erase mode, filter brushes, masks and layers, local selections, clone layers, use recommendations
- Image properties and editing: basics, selections, transformation tool and deform brush,

Part 3 - Brushes

Part A: General ( Wiki version )
- Preliminary: common "issues"
- Brush management: Saving/Deleting presets, brush folders
- Drawing modes
- Assistants

Part B - Pixel Brushes 1/2 ( Wiki version )
- Brush tips: Autobrush, Predefined brush, Custom brush, Text brush
- Paint build-up behaviours: Default (Opacity vs Flow, Build vs Wash-up, Airbrush mode), Blending modes

Part B - Pixel Brushes 2/2 ( Wiki version )
- Brush shape dynamics: common settings, opacity, size, spacing, softness and sharpness, rotation, scatter
- Color source, color dynamics, Texture -> Pattern
- Combos!

Pixel brushes - Appendix 1: Gallery of predefined brushes
Pixel brushes - Appendix 2: Brush presets from the tutorial

Part C - Color Smudge Brush ( Wiki version )

Part D - Curve, Particle and Dyna brushes ( Wiki version )

Part E - Sketch, Hairy and Chalk brushes ( Wiki version )

Part F - Hatching, Grid, Spray and Experiment brushes ( Wiki version )
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Kittymimi200 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Student Filmographer
thanks for the tutorial! one question, the sketch brush doesn't seem to show pen pressure, like the line width is mainly the same. Do you know if that's the limit of the brush in this version or is there a way to get pen pressure? I used version 2.6 before and the pen pressure was there. 
White-Heron Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Hm, I don't have a tablet, so I'm not sure. The setting that affects the size of the line is not "size" (which just changes the area of effect), but "line width," but since you've used 2.6 you probably already know that.

Are you saying that if you set "line width" to "pressure" (and increase the maximum line width), then the pressure setting doesn't work anymore? In that case it sounds like a bug, you could try asking in the forums or submitting a bug report.
Kittymimi200 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Student Filmographer
The lines look like the ones on the right no matter what setting i adjust… and the left one is what 2.6 does with the line width.
I messaged the admin and you were right, it was a bug! I'm sort of relieved to know that, and I reported it. 
Your art is really good, I thought you used a tablet xD

cornellg Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, these are extremely useful tutorials! Wish I had known about these when I was figuring out how Krita worked. Great stuff!
meowcookie Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
Hi! I'm a newcomer to Krita, and your tutorials have been very helpful to me... But I can really use more information, such as: what version of Krita do you use? Because when I look at mine and try to match up the things I recognize, I find that mine has different stuff... And when I look up brushes in my Add-On Installer, nothing comes up. Help would be much appreciated, thanks so much!
White-Heron Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
Are you using Krita Sketch? To be clear, there are actually 2 very different types of Krita out there:
- The normal, desktop Krita
- and Krita Sketch, which is a version meant eventually for touchscreen-interface, but can also be used on desktops: [link]

On Linux I'm using Krita 2.5.3, and on Windows I'm using Krita 2.6 alpha. Krita 2.6 is coming out soon, but there sbouldn't be too many changes to the interface. If you're not using Krita Sketch, then you're either using an older version, or compiling Master by yourself (probably not?).

I actually don't use the Add-on installer much right now, I just download sets manually and put them into the right folders (this is also covered in my tutorials).
Deevad Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thx ! very instructive.
White-Heron Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
You're welcome! One more to go! :D
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